Didn't receive your email confirmation?

All emails from the GetMotivatedBuddies system: reminders, check ins, buddy requests and notifications come from this email address:

noreply [at] getmotivatedbuddies.com

99% of the time the email is successfully sent and delivered but goes to hidden folder in your email.

How to find your email confirmation

  • Do a search for “getmotivatedbuddies” in your email.

  • Check your other tabs

  • Check your Spam and Bulk email folders

  • Still can’t find it?

If you still can’t find it, you very likely entered the wrong email on the sign up form or there is a problem with your email service provider (either one has been the case for 100% of not received confirmation emails).

In this case, sign up again with your correct email address or use a different email address.

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