Install GMB as an app on your homescreen!

While GMB has always been a responsive app, meaning you can access it from your browser, you can now install it as a PWA (Progressive Web App) on your phone homescreen for quick access, and it is much faster.

How to Install it


  1. Open the site on your mobile chrome browser. (not

  2. Click Add to home screen.

  3. Click Install!


Do NOT Login yet. If you are logged in, be sure to log out or you will not see the GMB icon on your screen.

  • Press the Share button.

  • Scroll to "Add to Home Screen" Button.

  • Name it GMB or GetMotivatedBuddies. (I suggest GMB)

  • Voila! and Login!

Differences between using GMB from the browser and from the app:

  • The site works faster as an app on your phone.

  • It fills up more of the screen.

  • Email and SMS links will not open in the app, only in the browser.

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