How to Find a Buddy on the Site:

  • Create a Plan or use one of our pre-made templates to get started, or join a Challenge.

  • Go to the Buddies page.

  • Enter keywords into the Search bar and use the filters to find buddies you'd like to send a chat request to.

  • Send requests to different people, you have 25 chat requests per day.

  • Receive an Auto-match every 72 hours.

  • Chat and decide if you want to become buddies within 72 hours.

  • Buddy Up and see each other's plans and check ins.

How to Join a Challenge:

  • Go to the Challenges page.

  • Click on the challenge that interests you.

  • Click Join Challenge.

  • See everyone's check ins and try to keep your score up on the leaderboard.

How I use GetMotivatedBuddies

I schedule plans and and events for those things that are tough for me to do (like writing this article), and other work items. I also use it to build or maintain habits that are important to me: working out, meditation, following my diet. I join challenges for extra motivation to do with others, like exercising or meditating daily. I work hard to make my behaviors tiny, because I know that is the most successful way to do a behavior I have trouble with.

My Buddy and I have a challenge to meet once a week over video. We look at our plans and check ins and how the week went. We discuss our top five priorities for the next week. We then make plans for them and check in.

With other buddies in different categories, we chat every so often - I can see how they're doing and they can see how I'm doing.

Need help to create a plan that works for you? Send me a chat request in the blue intercom chat below.

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