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What is a Confirmation?
What is a Confirmation?

Why do I have to confirm?

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What is a Confirmation

Before every event a confirmation appears on the dashboard (and arrives by email or text if you've selected them) and asks:

Do you still intend to do your habit?

This question 

  • serves as a reminder about your behavior.

  • allows you to make a decision about whether you still intend to do it or not.

  • allows you to track your thoughts and feelings about a behavior over time.

Unlike a calendar, where you plan something and it just sits there, the confirmation as a reminder serves as a trigger, reinforcing the idea that you will do your behavior. 

Making a decision creates a mindful relationship with your plan, and gives you ownership over it. 

Tracking your thoughts and feelings allow you to discover patterns over time in relationship to this behavior. Pattern recognition allows you to make different choices if something isn't working, and discover and amplify the choices that are working.

How Does a Confirmation Work?

When you receive a confirmation you have four choices and receive points for each:

  • Yes  =  you still intend to do what you planned. 1-4 pts

  • No  =  you don't intend to do it. 1 pt

  • Reschedule = you still intend to do it but at a different time. You'll receive your confirmation later.

  • Ghost - you don't respond 0 pts.

By making a choice and saying something, you feel better about your plan, and create a positive, flexible relationship with it.

It also communicates clearly to your Buddy and yourself what your intentions are. 

What does a confirmation look like?

On the Site

By Email

By Text

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