What is a Plan Template?

A plan template is a plan that can be re-used over and over again without needing to re-build it each time.

  • It can be kept private to the person who made it or

  • It can be made public to the GMB community

Template Marketplace

The Template marketplace allows you to find all the GMB Public plan templates on the Plan Page.

  • Click Create a Plan

  • Use the search or the category filters to find plans that might work for you.

How to Use a Public Template

  • Click on More Info to see a preview of the plan's behaviors

  • Click on Use Plan

  • Choose the start date

To Save a Plan as a Template

On the Plan page when creating plan by clicking Create a Plan

  • Select "Save Plan as Template" at the bottom of the Create a Plan page

  • Enter the name for this plan

  • Select whether to keep it private or share with the public

To Use, Manage, and Delete Your Saved Templates

On the Plan Page

  • Click Create a Plan

  • Click My Templates

To Use Your Plan Template

  • Click the Row of the Template

To Delete Your Plan Template

  • Click the trashcan icon

To Change the name of your Template

  • Click the pencil icon

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