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What are the symbols on the Calendar?
What are the symbols on the Calendar?

Explaining the shapes on the calendar month view.

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Here is a quick overview of how to use the Calendar for Accountability.

Categories Have Colors

Green =  Health & Fitness.
Purple =  Learn.
Red =  Work.
Yellow =  Life.

On the Month View Your Events are Circles

Your Buddy's Events are Different Shapes

Your Health & Fitness Buddy is a green triangle. 

Your Learn Buddy is a purple square. 

Your Life Buddy is a yellow upside down triangle.

Your Work Buddy is a red diamond. 

Future Events are Solid

Past Events Have Checkmarks 

Past Missed Events are Pale

Hover over a shape to get greater detail.

See when you or your Buddy checked in. 

Click more to see even more detail including how many points you've earned.

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