How to Bulk Edit a Plan (Video - 58sec)

To Edit a Plan, Start by Clicking One Event in Your Plan

  • Click on any Future Event

From the calendar or from your dashboard.

  • The Event details modal will appear:

  • Click Edit next to the pencil icon.

You will see the Edit Event window. 

  • Click Edit Plan

You will see the Edit Plan window.

To Bulk Edit Behaviors in your Plan

  • Click the Pencil icon next to the behavior you want to edit.
    (in the example below "Workout").

The Edit Behavior Modal will appear

  • Choose which attributes you want to change

This will save over any pre-existing events. 

  • Click Save.

To Edit or Delete Individual Events in Your Plan

  • Scroll over any event.

  • Click Edit (or Delete to remove).

The Edit Event modal will appear.

  • Make your adjustments and click Save.

To Delete Events from your Entire Plan

  • Click the Trashcan icon next to the Behavior.

  • Choose if you want to delete events from that week or for the entire plan. 

  • Click OK

  • Click Save Plan

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