1. Click Create a Plan on the Plan page.

You will see the Create a Plan dialog:

2. Select your Habit.

Note: To schedule a Plan the only habit(s) available to you is the one committed to during sign up. If you have reached higher levels and opened up additional categories, those habits will be available to you. 

3. Choose how many times per week you want to do your habit. We suggest you start small, with something achievable.

4. Choose the length of the session for your habit in minutes or hours.

5. Choose the days, times and locations of your session.

If it will be the same time or location every day, check "Same time every day" and/or "Same location every day" and fill those in. The days of the week will automatically update with that information.

6. Select until when you want this Plan to last.

7. Click Add Plan.

8. Your Plan is automatically scheduled on your calendar. 

9. Go to your Dashboard to see your next upcoming activity.

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